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Registration Closed

Registration is now closed for both rides.


  • 6th June - Challenge ride registration now closed
  • 9th June - Main ride registration now closed

We will be unable to accept registrations after this time as we will be away supporting the challenge ride.

ICE - Emergency Contact Information

All riders must complete the emergency contact form so we have the following info for ride days.

  • Emergency contact information
  • Food Allergies
  • Medical Information / Medication
  • Declaration - Terms and Conditions of ride

Please ensure you complete this asap as reminders will be sent daily in the week before the ride.

The form can be found by clicking here

Ride Information

Ride Information will be available following our final support meeting on Tuesday. Emails with the info should start being sent on wednesday evening, please be aware it takes about 10 hours to send all emails and we may have more than one to send to each rider.

New Website Launched

We are currently transforming the website to allow us to bring you more detailed and up to date information about the Aberdovey Bike Ride. We will be adding information about our history and previous years rides over the next few months. We welcome feedback in the site and its performance or the various devices used to access the site. 

Please let us know of any issues you have and we will endeavour to correct them asap.

Safety First - Highway Code - Click for more info

All riders are requested to take note of the following safety requirements during our event.

Each year we get a few complaints from members of the public about 'inconsiderate riders'.

We have spoken to the police forces along the route who are happy with our organisation and running of the ride and will support us where possible. 

All riders must wear helmets. Not ride in groups across the road and abide by all traffic legislation. Organisers will not be held responsible for any riders who neglect road laws.

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